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I've taught for over 50 years, in a positive, noncritical and supportive style.

Lessons are available on: Mandolin; Mandola; Octave Mandolin; Five-String Banjo; Tenor Banjo (regular and Irish tuning); Guitar (finger picking and classical); Fiddle; Flute (modern, Baroque and Irish); Native American Flute; Penny Whistle; Recorders (soprano, alto, tenor and bass); Mountain Dulcimer; Viola da Gamba (treble and pardessus); Lute; Mandora; Gittern.

Styles of Music Taught: Celtic, Early Music, Classical, Jazz, Blues.

Experience: NMSU Orchestra, UNM Orchestra, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, UNM Early Music Ensemble, five different Renaissance Faires, and school performances for the Mimbres Valley Arts Council. Recordings with various jazz, rock, and Celtic groups.

I started and led a mandolin orchestra and a mandolin marching band. I also led a traditional music session.

I specialize in teaching adult beginners. Online lessons via Zoom are $20 for a half hour and $40 for an hour. I do not teach in-person lessons.


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